Newsletter VS the spam filter.


Over the last while I have been putting together a newsletter service for my photography website.  As with most development, a lot of work went into this to get something simple at the surface level to work just right.  And, again as with most development, unforeseen headaches reared their ugly heads as soon as it was pushed live.

This newsletter service was no exception.  For some email addresses, everything worked perfectly as it should.  For others, confirmation emails were flagged as spam and hidden away in a background folder.  And others wouldn’t receive a darn thing (mysteriously sent e-mails couldn’t be found in either the inbox or the spam folder).

Where to start in debugging this.  Well, if you happen to be going down the same path I was, take my advice and utilize this useful website:

Simply send it a sample e-mail and it will analyze it in the same way that other email providers will when looking for spam.  Does your subject resemble a lot of known spam subjects?  It’ll warn you about that.  Forgot to set a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) key in your DNS?  Yup, this will remind you too.  DKIM missing?  Bounce e-mail spoofed incorrectly?  Yup, it’ll alert you to those too.

Basically it helps you fix the problems that others might see with your otherwise awesome email.   Problems you might now be aware of otherwise.

Don’t get too frustrated, there’s always a solution! 😛

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