Idea Spark is live!

Idea Spark App Logo

Dun, da da dahhhhh!  I am happy to announce that our new app, Idea Spark, is now live on the iTunes store.  Creatives, this one is for you.

Idea Spark is a tool for sparking your creative fire.  Photographers, authors, painters, cooks…all of us sometimes get stuck coming up with new ideas.  As with most things in life, the hardest part is getting started.  That’s where this app comes in: the short phrases you generate are seeds for your own creative interpretation and exploration.

Hand drawn illustrations are coupled with a clean and simple design, meaning that the Idea Spark app doesn’t look like all the others.  This design embodies the very thing this app aims to inspire within you: to create something unique and individual in a world where much is the same.

Check it out here.