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A promo video of sorts for the Idea Spark iOS app.

I’ve been thinking of doing a promo video showcasing the Idea Spark iOS app for a while, but I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to do it.  The current trend amongst startups is to release glossy marketing videos with upbeat music, but in all honesty I am personally very tired of this sort of communication between creators and their customers.  Seeing something generic like that has very little impact on my own saturated senses, and I figure I’m not the only one.

So I thought to myself: what is it that I consider the most important thing when I am looking at buying an app?  Well, usability is what immediately jumped to my mind; I want to know how an app works so that I can envision how it will fit in my life.  Grand promises on a marketing statement don’t mean much to me amidst the plethora of other grand promises that are made constantly, and too often these promises are oversold and lead to disappointment.  I would rather be shown that something works and embodies those promises, without the superficial layer of varnish.

With that in mind, I put together a promo video that simply shows the workflow of the Idea Spark iOS app.  Simply put, the app is a tool to help artists get out of creative ruts by suggesting new ideas, but beyond that I’ll let the app speak for itself.  I composed the music myself and edited it up to my standards as a visual storyteller, and have released it to the world in hopes that it is clear and communicative about my vision for the app in the pockets of fellow creatives.  It’s simple, effective, and beautiful just like I designed the app to be.

Check out the Idea Spark Workflow Demonstration on Youtube:

Idea Spark App – the .0.1 update

A big thanks to all the beta testers and early adopters who took the time to explore our Idea Spark iOS app.

By far, the most popular feature request was filter options on the history page.  A lot of you were looking for ways to sift through your data, which can really pile up when you have been using the app for a while.

We are happy to announce that with this latest update a right sidebar has been added to to the history page to allow you to filter your ideas by status or dates.  We also went ahead and expanded our idea database for you – to the tune of 10,000+ more new, unique ideas.

We hope you enjoy this update, and please continue to use our support form to send us your suggestions and feature requests.

Idea Spark – Version 1.0.1 details:
-Added filters to History page (you can now filter the ideas that are listed by status or date range)
-Added more than 10,000 unique ideas
-Small bug fixes

Visit the official Idea Spark website or check it out on Apple’s iTunes app store.

Idea Spark - History Filters Screenshot

Newsletter VS the spam filter.


Over the last while I have been putting together a newsletter service for my photography website.  As with most development, a lot of work went into this to get something simple at the surface level to work just right.  And, again as with most development, unforeseen headaches reared their ugly heads as soon as it was pushed live.

This newsletter service was no exception.  For some email addresses, everything worked perfectly as it should.  For others, confirmation emails were flagged as spam and hidden away in a background folder.  And others wouldn’t receive a darn thing (mysteriously sent e-mails couldn’t be found in either the inbox or the spam folder).

Where to start in debugging this.  Well, if you happen to be going down the same path I was, take my advice and utilize this useful website:

Simply send it a sample e-mail and it will analyze it in the same way that other email providers will when looking for spam.  Does your subject resemble a lot of known spam subjects?  It’ll warn you about that.  Forgot to set a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) key in your DNS?  Yup, this will remind you too.  DKIM missing?  Bounce e-mail spoofed incorrectly?  Yup, it’ll alert you to those too.

Basically it helps you fix the problems that others might see with your otherwise awesome email.   Problems you might now be aware of otherwise.

Don’t get too frustrated, there’s always a solution! 😛

Hello internet!

Hello, and welcome to my new development blog.  This little corner of the internet is where I am going to gather my thoughts on emerging technology and ideas that arise from my software development.  These thoughts are of a rambling, off the top of my head nature and I would love to suss them out deeper.  So feel free to comment or contact me, and let’s get some discussion going to explore these ideas a little deeper.

If you ended up here mistakenly and are looking for my photography work, please point your browser to: